Be Early to the Spring Market Party and Beat the Rush

Every year, there are two distinct seasons of real estate: The Spring and Fall seasons.

The most active house-selling season is spring. Bring your home to the market early and get the jump on the competition with John Deak of Royal LaPage.The Spring season is certainly the busier of the two, and should be the best time to get your home on the market.

The grass is getting greener, the trees are in bloom, and the Buyers are out in full strength.

This is also the time of the year that everyone else who is considering selling their house is putting it on the market.

If you are thinking the same way, the bar of competition was just raised to new heights.

How will your home stack up against the rest of them?

I have a thought, and it’s a wild one!

Why not show up to the party just a little early?

There will always be serious Buyers in the market, no matter what time of the year, but their numbers will increase as the holiday hangover fades away.

As January comes to a close, more and more Buyers are getting their game on, but the homes on the market are more than likely the same ones that were there in November. Seen them….didn’t buy them!

If you can be ready by the third week of January or so, then your home is fresh and exciting and all shiny new. At least as far as the Buyers are concerned.

The Buyers will show up.

In January 2012, in a down market, I listed a home in East Hill in the third week. At the first Open House, there were cars lined up waiting for me, 15 minutes before my 1pm start time. In all, we had 27 people come through. And it was snowing.

I listed another home during the last week of January, and had an accepted offer 11 days after it came to the market. Even after we had an accepted offer, I was still getting calls to show it. It was the popular house at the party.

The same principles of real estate always apply: show it right and price it right. But timing can certainly work wonders in the success of the sale.

Who wants to try? Give me a call!