The Little Red Beetle

John's Little Red Beetle

Sunlit LRB HDR

Sometimes the best things in life come back to us.

Back in 1980, I got my driver's license in a 1962 Beetle. Her engine broke on the way home and she sat, waiting for me - and then others who took her on - to fix her and fix her up.

Who would have guessed that 35 years later, I'd be driving the better, brighter, faster, louder, more seriously fun version of her?

Yes, she came back to me just in time to be part of our Seriously Fun Real Estate team. When you list your home* with me, the Little Red Beetle will hold up the Open House sign**. When you're buying with me, if you want a ride in her, we'll take the Little Red Beetle to showings.

She's fun, and she's ready for action.

*in the Vernon area, **weather permitting

Geeky Car Stuff About LRB

  • Props Go To

    Restored by Richard Stirling from Williams Lake.
    Kept alive by Partly Dave's Neighbourhood Garage in Vernon

  • Under The Bonnet

    1760 cc with balanced stroker crank, dual 34 Solex carbs, Engle 110 cam and headers

  • Her Stunning Good Looks

    She's painted Honda Milano Red, has Baby Moon hub caps, a new authentic interior, a wicker parcel shelf and the all original gas cap

  • All The Love for the LRB

    She's had lots of work done, and it doesn't stop here. There's an ongoing love affair that includes constant update.