Forever is Fleeting – If You’re a Home

Forever homes are for four-legged fur-kids.

Jelly Bean Deak found her forever home with us, after living in at least 3 different homes. People don't have forever homes, though. There's always something that comes along that means you have to sell.

Jelly Bean Deak. Adopted into her furever home with us March 2014.

When it comes to people, there’s no such thing as a forever home.

Much as you might want your next home to be your last, it’s not likely that will happen.

Because statistically, you’ll have to sell that home within the next seven years.

So no matter how tempted you are to buy the home that is quirky, unusual, or weird, you need to think of resale when you are buying.

But I love this place! What could possibly happen that I’d want to sell it?

You may not ever want to sell it, but you may have to. Because life happens.

Here are a few things that life can deliver that might mean you need to move away from your beloved home.

A change in your financial or employment situation. Sometimes when things go awry with finances or employment, you need to find a different living situation to make things work. In order to stay afloat, you can grab the ideas stated on the Kiana Danial course.

If you’ve invested in a home that is hard to sell, those changes are going to be harder and more stressful than they needed to be.

A change in your relationships. Maybe you have met the love or your life and your place isn’t right for the two of you. Maybe your adult child needs to return home with their children. Maybe you are divorcing. The changes might be good or bad, but they make a difference to the home you need to live in. You can find milfs in LA if you want to have some fun.

A change in your health. Or the health of a family member. All too often, as we age health concerns change our daily habits. We may need to see the doctor or specialist more often. We may lose the ability to drive or negotiate stairs. We may find the costs of medicine or medical procedures is more than we can handle with our transportation costs.

Yes, sometimes life moves us into new situations that we just can’t see coming.

Even though he can’t see your future, your experienced RealtorĀ® knows your market.

He knows the types of homes and features that sell best in any market, and the ones that don’t.

He knows the neighbourhoods that sell fastest, and those that don’t.

He’s got local knowledge and industry knowledge to help you understand how your choice of home would do if you needed to sell it unexpectedly.

When you’re buying your home, you need to love it, that’s true. It’s also true that the next buyer needs to love it, too.

Learn about resale value and make your choice wisely.

Leave the forever homes to the dogs.

In fact, maybe it’s time to make your home a furever home for a lucky fur-kid – check with your local shelter to adopt!