Hidden Treasures

In the East Hill area of Vernon, there are many houses carrying several common, simple design themes that are over 60 years old. To say that they remain desirable to this day would be an understatement. Known as the “Hundred Homes” they are a neighbourhood phenomenon, and I had to find out what they were all about.

A search of Google came up with almost nothing, so the next step was a call to the Vernon Museum. And this is where this story veers away from the homes and right to the museum. Shirley answered the phone and transferred me to Barb, who was able to answer my questions, and offered to search the military archives for me. Since the homes have a military background, that made sense. Another call back from Barb, and she had the file ready for me. A file? Yes, a whole file. I had to see this!

Having lived in Vernon for close to four years, I had never been into our museum. What a cool place! Here is a time capsule and archive of our local history, run on a shoestring and a severe shortage of space. Did you know that they have a vintage soap box derby car, right in the front entrance? They do tours by donation, with the subtle suggestion of $2.00 written on the money box.

Once inside, I was given my file and started to look through the copies of newpaper articles, to find that the development of the homes was mired in controversy. And, as a filler in the newspaper from 1946, this important piece of news: A giraffe’s tongue is over 12 inches long! Who knew?

As I scanned the articles, a woman across the table from me was looking through original newspapers from 1909 (with help from Barb) searching for wedding announcements of long lost relatives. I was able to come up with enough material for my next blog – the one about the Hundred Homes – but found the girls at the museum to be so nice, I had to tell the world about it.

If you find yourself in the area, suppport our local museum. You can stop in and say Hi, bring your $2.00, and enjoy a trip back in time.

You can see them online at www.vernonmuseum.ca

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