Is Social Media Effective?

With all of the buzz about social media and the benefits it offers, one has to wonder just how effective it really is. I’ve been to some marketing courses at the local college and have seen what the results can be. To think that you can post a Tweet and the world will come running to your door isn’t how it’s going to happen. The process is all about relationship building, increasing your number of contacts and becoming the local expert in your field. Be the person people want to go to when they need your services and expertise. All too often I see that a business or professionial has posted 2 or 3 things , saw the lack of instant results and given up. That works for me! Less competition in my field!

Now, to answer the question of the effectiveness of the social media, check out this link

This was created by a car owner, posted on Youtube, Tweeted, ReTweeted, Blogged, and now appearing on your computer screen. You tell me if social media works?

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