The Million Dollar Difference

There is a well known mantra in the real estate business that goes something like this: Location Location Location!

It doesn’t matter which country or city you reside, the physical location of a property or a home can make a big difference in the desirability and ultimately the price. Is it near a highway? Is there a shooting range next door? Is it close to transit? A beautiful nature habitat? You can see what the possible effect can be. Huntsville’s gateway to the Muskoka region offers homes that spell wilderness and wonder. Each property seemed to whisper tales of nature’s embrace.

But what about when we are talking different cities in different parts of the country? All very nice places to live, all with different qualities and amenities. We have large urban centers that are the hubs of commerce and finance, versus a smaller center full of recreation possibilities and an amazing Okanagan setting. Yes, I’m talking Toronto, Vancouver and… Vernon!

I have a gorgeous home listed for sale here in Vernon, that will absolutely blow you away with its quality, design, features and views. All of this for the price of $1,785,000.

In our local market, this home stands out on the high end of spectacular. I sent out a targeted advertising campaign to various cities across our country and received many favourable and glowing comments back. Interestingly enough, I did receive one comment from a gentleman that wasn’t happy about this home being marketed in his area of Toronto.

This lead me to researching what the same money would buy in his neighbourhood.

Toronto, ON Vancouver, BC Vernon, BC
This Toronto home is being marketed to developers for a lot value of 1.7 million dollars to allow the land for future townhouses. In Vancouver, BC, this older classic is listed for 1.5 million dollars and is also destined to be torn down to make way for higher density. In Vernon, BC, this grand luxurious home is listed for $1.785 million and boasts stunning views and amazing detail.
Tear down Tear down Luxury living
$1,700,000 $1,500,000 $1,785,000

In Toronto, there are many grand homes and stately neighbourhoods, which makes me wonder what was the reason for his concern. In his market you can find various designs of homes, with many on large lots, and varying quality. Check out this home. It is being marketed to developers for a lot value of 1.7 million dollars to allow the land for future townhouses

In Vancouver, you can find quite a number of very nice homes in the mid $1,000,000 range. And although tastefully appointed, they generally sit on a very small lot, and are designed to fit as many people in to as many illegal suites as possible! Or you can find this older classic for 1.5 million dollars that is also destined to be torn down to make way for higher density

In Vernon, we tend to not take ourselves so seriously, and like to sit back with a glass of wine and enjoy the world around us. And what better way to do that than to do it right here in this luxury home?

Amazing design? Yes! Tastefully appointed? Of course! Is it better than a tear down in a major center? You would have to agree it is! I hope my Toronto friend does too!

So when you are ready to bring the complications of life down a notch, and can take the time to enjoy the world around you, this could be your new dream home for so much less than in many of Canada’s largest urban centers. Come check out this fabulous home in the wonderful Okanagan, and start living the dream!

Vernon BC.

It’s good here 🙂