Oil Sands to Okanagan Sun

As the world constantly changes around us, opportunities in life can present themselves. And some of them are bolder and louder than others!

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 10 years, the opportunities for employment in Northern Alberta and BC just can’t be ignored. After the world economic meltdown in 2008, many communities across our great country found themselves in trouble as the local economy and jobs went away, along with everyone else’s. Although Canada emerged relatively in better shape than other countries, we still got hit hard. We felt the effects even here in the Okanagan.

But, and it’s a big But…the world needs energy. It craves it. It demands it! It can’t live without it.

Hello Fort McMurray, Wood Buffalo and everything around it! Fort Mac seems to be a never ending employment machine, that just can’t get enough people to keep it running. It attracts bright eyed employees from all over the country with great jobs, great pay, and ample opportunities.

One of the many beaches in Vernon BC just over half an hour from the Kelowna Airport and your air-commute to your oil sands job. You can live here. Talk to John Deak 250.549.9022The problem is many of the people who work there come from other places, and their families are left behind at home.

There has become a culture of commuting back and forth from work to home… thousands of miles apart.

In response, many employers are now offering fly in / fly out benefits to these employees. The good news is that the Okanagan is one of their pick up and drop off locations.

How cool is that?

After all, if you’re going to work far away from your family, you deserve to come home to all of this!

Vernon BC is located less than 30 minutes from the Kelowna International Airport. This means that you are able to fly back to the Okanagan from work, and you are a half hour from home.

Home being the awesome lakes and boating, world class golfing, motorcycling, lakefront patios, bbq’s, winter skiing and snowboarding, snowmobiling, and home prices that you can afford.

It’s really good here!

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