Pets In The Community

Pets Are Part Of The Family


The Fur Kids. We have 'em. You have 'em. And if you don't have 'em your neighbours or family have 'em.

Our 4 legged furry kids are an important part of our family and yours. That's important to me - and it's seriously fun!

I like including them in what we do - and what we give back. Because they really do make life better.

Free Dog Cookies

You can find dog cookies at various local Vernon businesses - completely free for you to take.

Because your furry kids can enjoy some yummy love from people who care.

And in those dog cookies you'll find a bit of info about me and my listings. Just another advantage of listing your home for sale with me!

Pooch Partners

Those free dog cookies also make an appearance at Pooch Partners various dog events, particularly their annual Doggie Duathlon each August.

Their hikes and events are a great way to get out and exercise with your furry friend - and have fun, too!

Fire Department Donation

Our fur kids are a huge part of our family, and I can't imagine how it would feel to know my kids were in any distress.

Turns out, our fire fighters also share that same love and concern for animals! And now they have a new tool to help the fur kids - pet respirators!

In February the team from Tri-Lake Animal Hospital helped introduce the new equipment we donated to Vernon Fire Rescue.