Spring Cleanup in the City of Vernon

Spring is here and that means it’s time to get our yards ready!

The City of Vernon is helping out again this year.

No, they won’t send a crew to rake last year’s leaves or trim your cedars, but they will chip residential prunings! Yay!

If you’re in the City of Vernon or Foothills Subdivisions, they will be around on your garbage days in the weeks of March 25 – 28 and April 1 – 4. If you’re in the Okanagan Landing or Blue Jay areas, you’ll see them April 8 – 11 and April 15 – 18.

All the details are here

Bag those leaves in time for City of Vernon BC crews to pick them up in the annual curbside collection. And don't forget the tree prunings for the chipping program.You can also take advantage of the curbside collection of leaves and garden refuse the week of April 22 – 25. Be sure to use clear plastic bags!

All the details are here.

Let’s get out there and keep our yards healthy and happy in time for the city collections. Your trees and grass and flowers will thank you for it!