Street Text – Convenience in Hand

Free Listing Info Instantly

Learn all you need to know about that house you like for sale. Right here in Vernon BC. Right to your phone. Without having to worry about scanning QR codes, or even leaving your car.

Royal LaPage for sale sign with Street Text sign attached.

Look for a Street Text sign like this on my listings. Follow the texting instructions.

The initial text exchange on a Street Text. It's easy to call John or view more details right from here.

You’ll receive a text like this with links to my phone number and to more listing information. Feel free to call me anytime! But if you’d just like the info, here’s what you’ll see:

Welcome screen in Street Text link includes links to Tweet and Pin, and a description of the property.

We start with a welcome, including an opportunity to Tweet or Pin the listing.

Photos screen in Street Text link allows you to choose which photo to feature.

Scroll down to see more photos. Click on a thumbnail to take a larger look at any of the photos.

Details screen in the Street Text link includes a mortgage calculator.

Keep scrolling to the details section to see specs on the house. Check out the handy mortgage calculator to see what your payment may be!

Address Screen in Street Text link includes map and Open House details if there is one planned.

Further down, you’ll see a map so you can find the house again, and if an open house is planned, you’ll see the information right here.

Description screen in a street text link.

There is even more description about the house to help answer any of your questions.

Contact screen in Street Text link includes live phone number and web site links.

And to round it all out, you’ll find my contact information – where in Vernon BC you’ll find John Deak and how to contact him. With live links to my phone, email and website.

With convenience like this, buyers have an easier time of learning what they need to know, and my sellers know their listing is receiving a technological advantage.

And that’s just one way that I take care of my clients. Are you my client yet? Is it time for us to talk?