The People You Meet

Roses at Valentine's Day

As a new Realtor, every weekend I look forward to the people I’ll meet during an open house.

On Valentines Day I met a charming lady and her adult daughter who were coming by to take a third look at a townhome that they had taken quite a liking to. It wasn’t very busy, so we took the opportunity to chat about all sorts of things, including what Vernon used to look like, the homes she has owned over the years, the features of the different units available in the development, and what appealed to her and didn’t. She has a sly sense of humour and is the kind of person you like to know. As she was leaving, she noticed the roses in the vase and asked who they were for? Well, of course, one was for her! She graciously took one with a smile.

This week they came back for another look and visit, and were bearing a gift. Tim Horton’s doughnuts! SCORE!!!!

I have been told that the real estate business is all about building relationships, and if this is any indication of what that is all about, I am going to love this.